2024 7 Days bring the heat to OGP Summer Showdown

Anaheim, CA – The race for this upcoming season’s G365 circuit has begun before it has even started. 7 Days, LA Blue Chips and SD Bulldogs Select all looked ready to fight for the 8th grade division championship title at the OGP Summer Showdown tournament. 7 Days went 5-0 in their 8th grade Gold championship run while LA Blue Chips took home the 7th grade Open division championship after defeating SD Bulldogs Select 41-33. SD Bulldogs Select handed LA Blue Chips their only weekend loss during Saturday’s pool play action.

Here is the full list of division winners:
• 8th Grade Gold: 7 Days 2024
• 8th Grade Silver: SDA Soldiers
• 8th Grade Copper/Bronze: Team 6 Man
• 7th Grade Open: LA Blue Chips
• 7th Grade Gold: YouBall
• 7th Grade Silver: Beverly Hills Dream
• 7th Grade Bronze: Jr Hoops
• 7th Grade Copper: LA Select
• 6th Grade Gold: IEBP Roughnecks
• 6th Grade Silver East: Jr Hoop Stars
• 6th Grade Silver West : San Diego Prospects
• 6th Grade Bronze East: Rising Stars Black
• 6th Grade Bronze West: West Coast Tigers
• 5th Grade Gold: Jr. Hoops
• 5th Grade Silver East: G1 Elite Red
• 5th Grade Silver West: G1 Elite 10u Red
• 5th Grade Copper: Rising Stars Silver
• 4th Grade Silver: One Family
• 4th Grade Bronze: West Coast Tigers
• 3rd Grade: OGP HQ
• 2nd Grade: House of Handlez