HoopisLife Loyalty Outduels Las Vegas Truth at OGP Invitational

Anaheim, CA – The OGP Invitational brought together some of the top ranked younger age group teams on the G365 circuit. The toughest division was the 10U Gold division that had four Top 17 teams competing for a championship (#3 HoopisLife Loyalty, #5 Las Vegas Truth, #7 Palo Alto Flight, and #17 CBC Wolfpack). In the end, it was a Los Angeles based HoopisLife Loyalty that stringed together five victories to take home the championship and advance to the Winter Challenge as one of top seeded teams on the G365 Circuit. The talented championship roster includes MVP Phillip Reed, Chris Hamilton, Jack Worrall, Roderick Strong, Ashton Hope, Joem Fidello, Kameron Frederick, Omar Rawlins, Matthew Thierry, and Jason Kilpatrick. In the 11U Gold division, G1 Elite Red was dominant and appears ready to challenge for the G365 top ranking at the Winter Challenge.

Here is the full list of Division Winners and All-Tournament Teams:

Open Champion: Inland Force (G365 #18 & G365 SoCal #8)
Gold Champion: Norco Stampede Black
Silver East Champion: OGP HQ Blue
Silver West Champion: G1 Elite White
Bronze Champion: Team Level Elite

All-Tourney Team
• MVP: Brayden Burris from Inland Force
Eric Freeny from Primo Soldiers, Aliaun Iscandari from LA Blue Chip, Zach Mendehnall from Norco Stampede and Maurice Lynch from CBA Ballers.

Open Champion: Team Aon (G365 #8 & G365 SoCal #3)
Gold East Champion: Team San Diego
Gold West Champion: Team Nikos 2025
Silver Champion: IEBP Blue
Bronze Champion: OGP Irvine Black

All-Tourney Team
• MVP: Patrick Ramos from Team Aon
Christopher Komin from AVAC Hawk Hoops Black, Osami Maciel from IEBP Roughnecks, Manny Cortez from Team San Diego and Liam Grant from Alley-Oop

Open Champion: Mentally Fit Neon (G365 #3 & G365 SoCal #2)
Gold Champion: G1 Elite Red
Silver Champion: San Diego Sol Heat
Bronze Champion: OGP HQ White
Copper Champion: One Family 11u Blue (G365 #1)

All-Tourney Team
• MVP: Josiah Johnson from Mentally Fit Neon
• Justin Kayode from IEBP Blue, Dylan Grant from AVAC Hawk Hoops National Black, Jordan Davis from Hawk Hoops National White and Issac Yuhico G1 Elite Red

Gold Champion: G1 Elite Red (G365 #5 & G365 SoCal #2)
Silver Champion: G1 Elite Blue
Copper Champion: G1 Elite White

All-Tourney Team
• MVP: Carter Barnes from G1 Elite Red
• Nassir Freeman from IEBP Blue, Jack Levey from SBA, Brody Blasing from Team Create and Matthew Burton from G1 Elite Blue

Gold Champion: HoopsisLife Loyalty (G365 #3 & G365 SoCal #2)
Silver Champion: One Family Blue
Copper/Bronze: HoopisLife Loyalty 9U National

All-Tourney Team
• MVP: Phillip Reed from HoopisLife Loyalty
• Jeremiah Williams from Las Vegas Truth, Houston Rolle from CBC Wolfpack, Dylan See from Palo Alto Flight and Brexton Quinet from HoopisLife National 9U

9U Bronze:
Champion: OGP HQ (G365 #12 & G365 SoCal #7)

All-Tourney Team
• MVP: Ezekiel Vernis from OGP HQ
• Christian Meza from OGP HQ, Team Nikos from Rhys Osmena, MJ Hizon from Alley-Oop and Parsa Alipour from Pro Skills
Champion: G1 Elite Red (G365 #2)

All-Tourney Team
• MVP: Moses Posheyan from G1 Elite Red
• Michael Najarian from G1 Elite Red, Andrai Griffin from FRO, Leo Mundy from Young Kings and Matthew Chan from Young Kings