One Team Soldiers 13U Climb to the G365 PNW Top Ranking

Auburn, WA – The Grassroots 365 circuit made its PNW season debut at the G365 PNW Fall Qualifier I this past weekend in Seattle. After a successful 2018-19 season that ended with the PNW taking three of the seven top spots (Game Time 9U, Seattle Rotary 10U and Northwest Athletics 13U), expectations were high. As always, the PNW did not disappoint, as the talent level in the gym was terrific.

Leading the way, were the One Team Soldiers 13U who battled past a ten-team division and finished undefeated (5-0). Expect One Team Soldiers to debut in the top ten when we release the G365 rankings at the end of the month. Their leader and MVP, Nicholas Sanders II, continues to shine as one of the top players to watch on the G365 circuit. The 7th Grade All-Tournament team also included, Hudson Floyd from Built 4 Ball, Chase McSherry from Young Gunz, Zion Norman from Team Bradley, and Barroc Rivers from Game Time.

In the 14U/8th grade division, the Yakima based Young Gunz looked sharp and ready to compete with the G365 top 25 teams. Kory McClure earned MVP honors. The 8th grade All-Tournament team also included Corry Connor from Renton Select, Anthony Canales from Young Gunz, Pupualii Sepulona from Washington Warriors, and Devin Whitten from Team Bradley.

The Young Gunz also took home the 12U/6th grade division after defeating Game Time 41-38 in the championship game. It was an impressive victory given that Game Time 12U had finished in G365 top 20 this past year. Frankie Medina earned MVP honors. The 6th grade All-Tournament team also included, Chance Howard from Game Time, Damari King from Washington Warriors, Mateo Olteanu from Local Hoops and Java Hughes from Game Time.

In the 11U/5th grade division, Local Hoops Black had a terrific season debut as they once again showed they are one of the better teams in the PNW. Harper McGillis earned MVP honors. The 5th grade All-Tournament team also included, Trey Collier from T-Town Elite, Alonzo Valasios from Young Gunz, Noah Kaylor from Game Time and Madden Conton from FOH Seattle.

In the 10U/4th grade division, G365 #1 Game Time defeated NW Prodigy 38-22 to earn the championship title and the Winter Challenge Cup top seed. Game Time’s Justus Holt earned MVP honors. The All-Tournament team included Mathew Fredrickson from Game Time, Daniel Washington NW Prodigy, Myjeer Rigney from NW Prodigy and Kevin Ahmann from Young Gunz.

Team Bradley 9U continued on their path as the top team in the PNW. They made easy work of two solid teams, Local Hoops Black and Game Time, to finish 3-0. Donovan Frazier earned MVP honors. The All-tourney team included Anthony Williams from Local Hoops, Max Bowen from Local Hoops, Olia Connally from Game Time and James Thomas from Team Bradley.