San Diego, CA – Open Gym Premier will start 2018 by hosting its 1st Annual San Diego tournament this coming weekend. The tournament will provide us an opportunity to see some of the top talent in the area before the Elite Basketball Circuit San Diego camp taking place on April 14-15. The schedule can be found HERE.

The 4th Grade Division will feature four teams: Bulldogs Red, OGP HQ Blue, San Diego Black Mambas, and SD Dynasty.

The 5th Grade Division will feature six teams: Bulldogs Black, Bulldogs Red, LN Bruins, NP4 Elite, OGP HQ 10u Black, and SD Republic. OGP HQ 10u Black comes in as the #7 Ranked 10u SoCal team.

The 6th Grade division will feature 18 teams across one Silver and two Bronze division. G365 #18 Ranked Southbay Show headlines the Silver East Division that also includes Blue Chip Nation Black, Cali Live, Gamepoint IE Black, OGP HQ 11u Blue, and OGP HQ White.

Championship time #QuestForFirst #lockupfam #lockupgear

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The 7th Grade division will feature 20 teams across one Gold and two Bronze divisions. The Gold division features Blue Chip Nation Platinum, Bulldogs Silver, OGP HQ Black, OGP HQ White, and San Diego Black Mambas.

The 8th Grade division will feature 22 teams across Gold, Silver and Bronze division. The Gold division features Cali Fire, Gamepoint IE Black, OGP HQ Black, San Diego All-Stars, & San Diego PBC Blue.